Wk15 – Artist Conversation – Christopher Hampton

This week my artist conversation was with Christopher Hampton. Hampton was one of many artists in the gallery titled, Figment. The gallery contained 9 other BFA students taking part in their senior portfolio show. Hamptons portion of the gallery contained four pictures that contained different food with different bright background.

Hampton has always been interested in art, he was exposed to it because his mom enjoys drawing so that inspired him to get involved in art, she draws basic art, such as birds and leaves. In elementary school, an “old lady” would come around with weekly art supplies to do an art project, they would make clay pots or paint, so he was exposed to many different art forms. He enjoys expressing his creative self in different ways, especially cooking.

Hampton started photography when he was 11 when he got his first camera. He then went to Hawaii when he was 13 and he took 6,000 pictures on their 3-week vacation, so that is when he was really interested in photography. His inspiration for the gallery was his love for both food and photography. He created these pieces so that he could combine his two passions. By combining these passions he attempted to push both those areas further. The gallery took him about three months to complete with numerous shots not making the cut to be put into the gallery.

As for his future goals, Hampton hopes to be able to continue photography and hopefully be able to photograph food professionally while still working on his own person projects along the way. With these paths he hopes to be able to travel and see new places and meet new people.

I really enjoyed Hamptons portion of the gallery because it depicted food, which is my favorite thing. I was instantly drawn to his pieces in the gallery, especially the picture that contained candy corn. All of his pieces had bright backgrounds which also helped to instantly capture my attention.

*The artist does not have a website at this time


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