Wk15 – Classmate Conversation -Andrea Casamitjana & Emily Snyder

This week we had to have a conversation with two other people, so making a group of three. I talked to two new people this week, Andrea and Emily. At first we were not sure how to go about the conversation, but we eventually got more comfortable with each other and conversation began to flow.

Andrea is in her second year at CSULB who is studying film and she hopes to eventually go on to be an actress and produce her own films. She has been trained in acting which I thought was pretty awesome. She can speak other languages other than English which always impressive to be because I can only speak English.

Emily is a first year at CSULB who is studying elementary education, which she hopes to use when she is teaching an elementary school class. She is originally from Nebraska, but she moved here to attend school. She has two dogs, two cats, chickens, and ducks which sounds like it would be entertaining to have around.

Some of the things that we all have in common is our love of Netflix, we were able to talk about that for a while! We also all agreed that we really enjoy Italian food, which was another point that we agreed on. As for the question of the week we all agreed that the type of art that has had the biggest impact on our lives is social media.

This was a great conversation to wrap up the semester!


Andrea: https://andreacasamitjana.wordpress.com/



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