Wk13- Classmate Conversation – Kahlia Cadle

This week I had my classmate conversation with Kahlia Cadle. Kahlia is a second year at CSULB pursuing her accounting degree. With her degree, she hopes to get into the music industry by being their accountant. I thought this was so interesting because it is an alternative way of making it into the industry.Kahlia is also musically diverse, meaning that she can play numerous different instruments, including piano, guitar, ukulele, flute, tenor sax, most percussion instruments, and she sings! It seems fitting that she would want to get into the music industry.

Kahlia is from Fontana, CA and usually dorms; however, this year there was very limited space in the dorms so she was forced to commute. Next semester she hopes to move in with her brother who lives in Downey. I have a lot of respect for her because that is a long commute that I would not be able to do every week. 

When she is not at school, Kahlia works as a tutor where she helps kids from ages 3-10 learn different things that will help them in their education. We both were able to talk about this part of our lives because I also work with kids in that age group; however, I teach them how to swim. It was awesome to connect with her on that subject and meet someone who understands what it is like to work with kids around the same age.

As for the question of the week we both agreed on how our view of art has changed since starting this class. In the beginning, we had a view of art in a certain way, as in paintings and sculptures, but after being in this class we have been exposed to different varieties of art. Kahlia told me about a gallery that she was where the artist had people spill tea on placemats and that was considered a form of art.

I really enjoyed this conversation!




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