Wk13 – Artist Conversation – Tyler Turett

This week my artist conversation was with Tyler Turett. Turett is an animation student at CSULB who is finishing up his last semester here. His portion of the gallery showed a stop motion character along with storyboards for some of the projects that he is working on. One of the storyboards is of a story about a frog that is Turett’s person project.

The stop motion character was made out of wire and foil, along with the putty-clay like substance. Once he was done molding the substance Turret fired it and painted it giving it a more permanent position. Turret decided not to animate the character, meaning that the character could not be moved.

Turett is currently working at Shadow Machine industry. Originally, he was signed on as an intern who worked their social media, which he still does, but now he is also working on some of the animation projects with them. He is currently working on trip tank with Shadow Machine. He is given a lot of freedom to create in his job, so he will be given an idea and is allowed to run with it and create any ideas that he can come up with in relation to their original idea.

Turett is very passionate about creating stories in his storyboard. Some of the effects that he uses are photoshop, after effect, and flash. He beings by making the character in photoshop and then uses after effect to create an animation. That is how he creates his different storyboards.

He hopes that when he creates stories he can make people laugh. At this point in his career, he does not have a meaning that he is trying to portray, but he hopes that his audience can enjoy his stories that he puts together. The story about a frog is the one that he puts the most effort into because he is going out of his comfort zone to create a story. He even used some of the actors at the school to create the voices for the frogs.

I really enjoyed Turett’s portion of the gallery because it was a new type of art that I had not seen yet. My friend is currently taking a class that involved storyboarding, so it was interesting to hear him talk about his passion and how it is going to implement his passion into his future at Shadow Machine.

This was a very entertaining gallery!


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