Wk12 – Actitivy – ePortfolio

For this week’s activity we were supposed to arrange our blog in a way that made it into a professional portal. I attempted to arrange mine; however, I am not the best with technology so I was unable to create different portals for each of my subjects, so I will instead describe my plan for my new blog that I will be making.

For my new blog, I will use it to discuss issues that are occurring within the law enforcement community while attempting to portray the officers in a positive light. I am a criminal justice major with a minor is sociology attempting to get a degree and then hopefully go into law enforcement after graduation. One of the issues that is faced by law enforcement now is the negative attitudes that are showed to the officers. I will discuss some of the issues that the public has with law enforcement and attempt to give my opinion on the subject along with what I feel is a way to solve that problem. I will also add stories of positive ways that law enforcement has helped the community that they serve.

This will be my way of showing my professionalism in that field along with showing my critical thinking skills. This blog will put me apart from my competitors in the job field because it shows the initiative that I showed before attempting to get into the field.

As for my art blog I was able to post my hello world post in the front of the page and also added Art 110 to the categories for all of my posts, again I am not the most technologically savvy person so even after my hours of googling I was still not able to understand the different pages, but I tried. I am excited to create my new blog during Christmas break and use it as a possible piece of my portfolio.

I added the art 110 category to each post.
I added the art 110 category to each post.
I moved my hello world to the beginning.
I moved my hello world to the beginning.

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