Wk11 – Artist Conversation – Kathy Yoon

This week my classmate conversation was with Kathy Yoon. She has been a ceramics major for three years at CSULB. She was originally majoring in math, but after being introduced to ceramics she realized that was the major she wanted to pursue. She was not always focused on art; however, when she was younger she enjoyed drawing and playing with play-doh. It is safe to say that she excels at art now.

Yoon’s gallery is titled “So many me’s”. The gallery depicted many different characters that showed her different emotions. Each character was designed to express her emotions and through each expression she was able to show her feelings that she has.  The characters were created to mirror her emotions, which was the overall motif of the show, her emotions. Originally Yoon was working with animals and their forms; however, she felt that she could not properly express her emotions through those characters.The overall message was to convey her feelings and her personalities and if the viewers can relate to any of the pieces than her job is accomplished.

All of the pieces were made out of clay; however the balloon for one of the pieces was made with tissue paper. Each piece was molded out of clay to show the different emotions. She tried to make all of the characters look different. Her favorite piece was the character holding the balloon.


I enjoyed this gallery because of how easy it was to relate to the different characters. Each piece showed a different emotion that we have all experienced and to see them all in one room was remarkable. I was amazed by how easy it was to see myself in each of the pieces that were placed around the room. Even with a modest amount of detail the artist was still able to convey the emotion. I really enjoyed this gallery.

12202242_1214541161895702_1038129787_n (1) 12212541_1214541158562369_1098173579_n (1) 12204895_1214541168562368_685980237_n 12202311_1214541155229036_164331130_n


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