Wk11 – Activity – Fiber Art

This week’s activity was to create wall hanging art. This was the first time I really struggled with coming up with an idea for my project because it was so open. So, to start off I went to Joann’s to look at different types and colors of yarn. I’m not going to lie I looked for the cheapest kind they had which was actually really cool yarn. There were so many different colors to choose from that I had to stand there for about five minutes. But once I found my yarn and the ring to hold it I went home to figure out what I was going to do with them.

When I got home I started to play with the yarn, trying to figure out how to make it stay on the ring, how to arrange the different colors, and if I wanted them to all be the same length. These decisions made the process longer than expected. Once I had played with it a bit and tried some complicated ideas (which I failed to document because I was so focused) I realized that I wanted the piece to reflect who I am, simple. So I took it all apart and went with a really simple idea and I love it.

This project was frustrating in the beginning because I was forced to let go and realize I did not have a lot of control. I had to allow myself to make mistakes and accept that I would not have the perfect piece of art. This project made me learn that even though I make mistakes along the way I can still come out with a piece of art.

This project made me appreciate the designers who create the different pieces of clothing that people wear every day. We do not get to see all of the failed projects that they throw away, we only see the final product. This made me think about how much I take for granted the clothing that I do wear and that I am lucky enough to be able to put all of these different pieces of clothing on every day. Overall, this project opened my eyes to seeing that I am allowed to make mistakes and also to not take what I have for granted.

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