Wk11 – Classmate Conversation – Elizabeth Ochoa

This week my classmate conversation was with Elizabeth Ochoa.

Elizabeth is also a third year at CSULB, which was awesome to find out because everyone else I have talked to is in their second year. She is a civil engineering major so I have a lot of respect for her! Too much math! With her major she hopes to become a structural engineer and get hired by a company after graduation. She originally was choosing between psychology and civil engineering; however, she chose an engineering major because it gives her more job opportunities and does not require a masters degree.

In her free time, which is not that much considering how much studying she has to do, she enjoys sleeping. She works as a cashier in Bellflower which is funny because I also work in Bellflower! We talked about our jobs for a bit and how tiring they can be with our work load. We also found out that we both live in Lakewood and only two streets away from each other!

For the question of the week Elizabeth said that she would get a tattoo is she could get over her fear or needles. As for the tattoo she would get, she found a geometric henna strip on the internet that she connected with. We both agreed that if we were to get tattoos they would be small and in a discreet location.

Overall this was a fun classmate conversation and I really enjoyed meeting Elizabeth!




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