Wk10 – Activity – Geocaching

This week’s activity was to go geocaching. I was really excited for this weeks activity because I have been geocaching since I was about 8. My family would look for different geocaches around Lake Tahoe when we would take our family vacations there. It was always a fun experience and I had completely forgotten about it until this activity so I welcomed it with open arms!

First I downloaded the app to try and find a geocacheĀ near me, and to my surprise there was one right across the street from my apartment! So I walked across the street and followed the directions on how to find it. I must have looked weird walking around the parking lot looking down at the ground because some man asked me if I needed help finding something. I explained to him why he was there and it turns out his son had found this geocache last week so he helped me find it! It was awesome to have this kid help me find it because it was such a simple hiding spot, but I would never have thought to look for it there.

Now it was my turn to hide my own. I put the pencil and sheet of paper along with a small bouncy ball into the Altoids tin and set out to find a place to hid it. It was actually hard to find a place to hide it because almost everywhere I thought of it was too visible and I wanted to make it a little difficult. I finally found some mailboxes at the apartment complex two streets down and ended up using my magnet to hang it on the bottom of the post!

This was a fun activity and it helped me remember back when life was easier. I was amazed by how I was able to start a conversation with a stranger in the parking lot just because I was looking for my geocache. This activity made me realize that you can talk to people who you normally would not talk to because you could learn something interesting (like the fact that there is a geocache in the parking lot). Also, geocaching brings out an adventurous side of my that I lose during the stress of school, so I really enjoyed getting that side of me back. I recommend geocaching to anyone who likes adventures.

Me with the geocache across the street from my apartment!
Me with the geocache across the street from my apartment!
Where I placed my geocache.
Where I placed my geocache.

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