Wk10 – Artist Conversation – Matthew Dumpit

This week I had my artist conversation with Matthew Dumpit. He is a senior at CSULB and is a metal major. He has been interested in art for about 7 years. Art is the only thing he has ever wanted to do and Dumpit said, “it’s the only thing I’m good at”. This statement seems true to me because he is extremely talented.

The room had different kinetic pieces throughout the gallery that were made out of 19 gauge steel wire. Movement is what inspired Dumpit to create each of the pieces. He used the pieces to express emotion through the metal work. He states that metal and emotions are similar because they are both malleable, constantly evolving and reacting the limited space. He used the pieces to express his emotion and allowed the viewers to interact with the pieces, allowing them to put their own emotional opinion into each piece.

The little pieces on the wall took 3 hours to 2 days each, about a month total, depending on the amount of time he could put into them at the time along with complications that would arise in the process. The chair took about 3 months to complete bringing the total amount of process to around 4 months. The final piece in the gallery contained a moving light that would create different shadows as it moved. The reason he allowed such movement was because he wanted to inspire people to see more motion throughout the gallery and inspire them to move the light and create different shadows. Dumpit has been working with shadows for 2 years, so he was able to put it into his gallery with ease.

This was one of my favorite galleries. It really made me feel a part of the gallery. It was the first time that I felt I could really interact with the art that I was viewing. I enjoyed the different experience and felt a connection to the pieces and the motion that each piece would do. Overall, this was an amazing gallery and I really enjoyed it.

12016460_1210968895586262_920230730_n 12202432_1210968888919596_252958305_n                     12181837_1210968885586263_1705182254_n


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