Wk9 – Activity – Transmedia Storytelling

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Meet Paula Potato and Patrick Potato:

Paula is a young 24-year-old living in the sunny Los Angeles, CA. She grew up in Rancho Cucamonga with her two younger sisters and her parents. Throughout her life, Paula has always tried to help others, she even volunteered at homeless shelters every weekend until she was 23. She is an up and coming defense lawyer who is trying to change the world, one case at a time. Every day she wakes up and heads down to the firm that she works at with 200 other lawyers. Lately, Paula has been feeling like she is not making a difference in anyone’s lives so she has been contemplating quitting her job. She is waiting for a sign to continue to be a lawyer.

Paula’s boyfriend, Patrick, is a construction worker at Potato, INC. He loved his job but lately has been struggling with finding motivation. Ever since Patrick was a young child living in San Bernadino he has loved building different things. Patrick lived 15 minutes away from his girlfriend Paula, whom he met while building benches for the homeless shelter Paula volunteers at. They moved to Los Angeles together last year. Working in Los Angeles as a construction worker has left Patrick struggling to find jobs as there are not enough projects for him to pick up. He too has been struggling with his job and is considering quitting.

Both Paula and Patrick wanted to quit their jobs until they realized that they were doing something that they enjoyed and it was not the jobs, but instead it was the location they were living in. The couple moved San Diego where the housing market is booming and there are housing communities popping up throughout the county, this gave Patrick plenty of work to do while Paula found a place to practice law. Paula found a small family owned law firm where she is one of 15 lawyers and she is able to see the different she is making in her community. From this experience, both Paula and Patrick realized that when they are feeling overwhelmed all they need to do is take a step back and assess the problem because your first solution may not be the right one.

12179282_1208509089165576_522537582_n  12181840_1208509085832243_1131414041_n   Paula loves social media!

12181842_1208518292497989_1564344693_n Patrick just made an Instagram!

This was a fun project to do. My partner made up the Patrick personal backstory and I made up the Paula back story. We then both tried to figure out how we could connect them. We made it so that they were dating and then the story began to blossom after that. It was really enjoyable to create the different characters. I think the hardest part was to find a way to connect them that would be the most entertaining; siblings, couple or friends. I really enjoyed this project!


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