Wk8 – Activity – Art Writing & Editing

I edited San Yoon’s artist conversation. I looked for technical and conceptual issues.

Overall, the post gave a good overall summary of the conversation that she had with the artist. Except for a few grammatical issues the post had an appropriate vocabulary. The post could have been elaborated more and expanded more on each idea that was represented. The post was one large paragraph with minimal transitions, so to improve the post Yoon can separate her ideas by making different paragraphs or at least placing transitional sentences into her posts. This post was clear and concise in explaining the artist’s ideas and inspirations so that is a positive that she should carry into her next post.

I then went on to edit my artist conversation.

I think I gave a large amount of insight into the artists background and her inspiration behind why she chose to create each piece in the gallery. However, with that aspect covered in detail I feel that my post lacked analysis on my own interpretations on the pieces. I focused mainly on the artists views when I should have told more about my views. In the future, I will try to show more of my own interpretations and how the pieces made me feel. A positive point about my post is that they usually lack grammatical issues because I use a system called Grammarly which allows me to see basic grammatical issues before posting them.

This activity was helpful because it allowed me to analyze my own posts and see how I could fix my future posts.

Here's my dessert!
Here’s my dessert!

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