Wk8 – Classmate Conversation – Kayla Wiese-Sanchez

This week I had a conversation with Kayla Wiese-Sanchez. She is a second year at CSULB and is currently studying biology. With her degree, she hopes to go into forensics. I thought this was really interesting because I am a criminal justice major so we are both trying to get into the same field. It was nice to make that connection with another classmate. Kayla also plays the guitar. She creates her own music and is able to play it on the guitar which I thought was extremely interesting because I’ve always wanted to be able to play an instrument. She is a cat person and her favorite color is purple.

We walked around the galleries and talked about what the galleries meant to us. When I asked her the question of the week she talked about how all of the paintings reminded her of playing the guitar and how the artist is able to express herself through painting whereas Kayla expresses herself through music.

I really enjoyed this conversation!

12166670_1204451602904658_800445672_n (1)



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