Wk7 – Classmate Conversation – Shiva Nadjm

This week my classmate conversation was with Shiva Nadjm! She was an awesome person to talk to. She is a second year at CSULB studying fashion merchandising. With her major she hopes to become a buyer for high-end clients. I knew a little bit about the job, but she explained it to me in more detail. It sounds like an awesome job that would open up a lot of opportunities, she gets to go to fashion shows and travel the world. She seemed super excited about the fact that she would get to travel, she said she would love to travel to the fashion capitals of the world like France and Italy.

In her free time Shiva likes to be outdoors; hiking and hanging out at the beach are some of the activities that she usually enjoys. One of the other adventurous things she does is trying new food when there is a new restaurant she likes to go and try the different food.

For the question of the week: What color would you dye you hair and why? She would die her hair dark blue. She has previously dyed her hair for a music festival and she really liked how it looked so if she were to do it again it would be that color.

It was an awesome conversation and I’m glad I met Shiva!




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