Wk7 – Artist Conversation – Norax Ayala

This week’s artist conversation was with Norax Ayala. Her gallery was named “She and I” which contained different screen printings. This show showed Ayala’s interest in feminism and the LBGTQ community. Ayala worked on part of the show with her partner which helped inspire her throughout her project. Ayala wanted to make her work about her personal life and her relationship with her partner, whom she just got engaged to. She took an abstract view when she attempted to represent her ideas, this is opposed to the literal pictures that she could have put into the show.

Ayala was always interested in art, from a young age she showed the desire to express herself through art. When she was three her mother taught her how to color and her interest has grown since then. Growing up she would ask for different art supplies all the time an attempt to do as much art as possible. After graduating high school Ayala decided to try art in a more serious manner, she went to college to pursue her art degree. She is currently finishing her last year at CSULB in the masters program for print making.

The prints were all printed on screens, but some were printed with ink and some were printed with lipstick. Ayala would use different lipsticks and her lips to make the different prints and would use a brush to spread around the lipstick. Ayala liked the idea that lips were making her prints because it made the viewer think about lips being on someone else’s lips, or “other places that lips touch”. The same idea was with the brushing of the lipstick because of the rubbing that partners do with each other. It took the artist about two weeks to complete the entire project, but those two weeks involved 18 hour days!

This gallery was very interesting.  I really enjoyed seeing the emotion that Ayala put into each piece and to hear her talk about her inspiration for the show made it even better. It was one of the first times I had seen an artist put their entire selfs into each piece, and most of them she literally put herself (her lips) into the pieces. It inspired me to express myself and do what I am really passionate about. This gallery showed me not to be afraid to be myself and I will thank Norax Ayala for that!

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