Wk7 – Activity – Snapchat

This week’s activity involved almost everyone’s favorite social media outlet, Snapchat. I personally love Snapchat because it allows me to send funny pictures to my friends that I don’t want to send to them through text. There’s something appealing to Snapchat, especially the fact that the picture will disappear in a designated amount of time. Another thing about Snapchat that is appealing is the fact that you can add captions and draw on the picture of video that you take.

The first part of the activity was to take two different pictures and draw on them. I usually don’t draw on my pictures unless it’s circling something that I want my friends to notice. It was fun to play around with it and see what different things I could add to my pictures. It was a way to make my day more entertaining and enjoy my time that I usually have nothing to do

12077407_1199791533370665_1038151529_n     12081405_1199787830037702_1812659051_n

The second part of the activity was to add classmates on Snapchat and screenshot some of their drawings. This part was more enjoyable for me than doing my own Snapchat drawings. It was cool to see what some of my classmates did outside of class. It gave a more personal connection to classmates by showing a side that we don’t usually get to see.

A classmates Snapchat story of her dogs
A classmates Snapchat story of her dogs                                
I even made Glenn's story!
I even made Glenn’s story!

I think Snapchat is an awesome place to send funny pictures and have fun conversations with your friends, but I thnk I like Instagram more. Snapchat is in theory supposed to be temporary, meaning that after 10 seconds it is deleted and I think that’s what appeals to most of its users. The temporary aspect is similar to Periscope because the scopes only last 24 hours before they too are deleted. Instagram is the only social media outlet that is not temporary in nature, it is there to put photos that will stay there and can be accessed at any time. This was a super fun activity and I will continue to draw on my Snapchats more.


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