Wk6 – Activity – Identity Art

This week’s activity involved Periscope! I love the idea of Periscope especially on Tuesday during class. Tuesdays are one of the only days that I can do all of my chores and errands, so I usually watch the class on my phone. I will bring it with my into the grocery store or the bank and just leave a headphone in so I can hear the discussion. It’s so awesome that we can still be connected with class and learning while out and about!

When I went onto Periscope I was really nervous. I’m not very big on the public speaking and to me it seemed like a huge stage where I knew that people would be watching me. To start off, I put the camera on one of my friends, Reid, who was working on her art project. Having the camera on her to start encouraged me and helped me gain my confidence. I answered the questions the viewers had and was pleasantly surprised with how much fun it was. Later on in the day I went onto my friends periscope and we just hung out answering questions and talking to each other. Its amazing how many different people you meet.

The next day I went on and watched other people’s Periscopes. It was amazing how many people there were that I could watch. It helped the Glenn invited me to watch a bunch of my classmates scopes. I watched everyday activities that somehow seemed interesting because it was someone else doing it. Periscope gives you an inside scoop into someone’s life, you almost get to be a fly on the wall.

This project showed me a different form of art. It was a way for people to express themselves, by showing their morning makeup routine to showing themselves sitting in the library. I learned a lot and I feel more confident after doing this activity, especially when people sat and talked to me while I was live casting. I may do it again for fun!

I had a total of 45 viewers during my test scope of 10 minutes
I had a total of 45 viewers during my test scope of 10 minutes
My friend Reid drawing her homework
My friend Reid drawing her homework

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