Wk6 – Artist Conversation – Alice Andreini

My artist conversation this week was with Alice Andreini. Her gallery was named Site Lines. Her description describes her art as exploring “the relationship between visual, kinesthetic, and narrative experiences within the context of the garden”. Andreini took various amounts of time painting each painting. Some of her smaller pieces took her months to complete whereas the larger pieces took a few weeks. The reason she chose to use gardens in her paintings was her mother. Her mother is an avid gardener who spends more of her time tending to her flowers; however, she fell ill. During her mother’s illness Andreini began to paint gardens as a representation of her mother. When her mother regained her health she continued her garden motif.

Andreini started painting about 4 years ago when her colleagues told her that she should try it. She was previously a teacher and decided that she could try painting for something new. She was pleasantly surprised with how well she was able to paint. Her favorite artists are Jacob Maris and Edouard Manet, and a more recent artist Cecily Brown. She gathers inspiration from these artists when she is creating her paintings.

I really enjoyed this gallery because of the ways the artists played with color. The colors were able to portray emotion and tell a story. Although I was never able to understand abstract paintings these paintings were able to show me an emotion. I was able to get more out of these paintings especially after hearing why Andreini had a connection to the garden scene. I really enjoyed this gallery.

12053329_1196992193650599_1641952934_n   12080830_1196992203650598_1730485418_n


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