Wk5 – Artist Conversation – Josh Benz

This gallery contained a collaboration between Josh Benz, Roddy Hernandez, Sery Kwon, Coleton Kargi Palmer, Krista Tsukashima (http://serykwon.weebly.com/), Peter MaCaulay, Karen Solis and Jarand Abad. The show was titled “Paris”. The theme of the show was the past, present, and future. All of the artists were very passionate about their paintings and put a lot of time into each piece. To prepare for the show, the artists were working with little to no sleep in order to finish their paintings. One artist explained how although working through the night can be exhausting it can also be empowering. By knowing that almost everyone else around them was asleep it give them a sense of energy which allowed the artists to continue their work. Working late in the night also allowed them to go more into themselves and find what they really wanted to paint because they knew that they would not be interrupted. One artist described how music helps her organize herself and her painting.

We then broke off with each artist to have them explain their pieces in the show. I went to the painting by Josh Benz and Karen Solis.

12047511_1193296790686806_1046693312_n  (Benz explaining his painting)

Benz explained that the painting was used to represent the transition from childhood into adulthood. He was interested in playing with colors as he dominated the top portion of the painting. He explained that he had a different style of painting that he took on in the project, he painting in a more abstract manner whereas Solis took on a more realistic style. Solis painting what appears to be a form of a self-portrait in the bottom right corner which shows a lighter side which contrasts well with Benz’s aggressive portion of the painting.

What I really enjoyed about this gallery was that Benz took the time to explain the process of collaboration before he began to discuss his painting. He described two main ways of collaborating on a project. The first way is when the partners work together to create one painting, which is what he and Solis did. The second way is when the two artists are fighting each other which is what happened in another piece he did.

Overall, this gallery was beyond impressive. The fact that two artists can work together to create something is incredible. These artists created quality paintings that anyone could enjoy without having to show any issues that may have happened while collaborating with another artist. It was an amazing show.

Painting by Josh Benz and Karen Solis
Painting by Josh Benz and Karen Solis
Painting by Sery Kwon and Roddy Hernandez
Painting by Sery Kwon and Roddy Hernandez

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