Wk5 – Activity – Ethnography

I thought this weeks activity was going to be hard, but I was pleasantly surprised when it was simple. Before the sun went down I prepared myself for all that I was going to need. I got all of my stuff ready for school early and set up candles with matches next to my bed. When the sun went down I lite my candles and began to read my book. I had to keep adding candles because my eyes were used to reading in much brighter lights so I found it difficult to adjust to the darker atmosphere. When I grew tired of reading I had my roommate come in my room and talk to me. It was amazing with how much deeper the conversation was when we both did not have our phones to interrupt our conversation. This was one of the best parts about this project, it allowed me to connect with my roommate again. Once we were done talking, I decided to go to bed. Although it was a lot earlier than I usually go to bed I was still able to fall asleep with ease.

This project was eye opening to how much our ancestors had to do before the sun went down. Without light, there are many activities that are not safe to do without being able to see properly. I also saw how dependent we as a generation are to technology. We feel that we need to have our phones and check social media so that we do not miss anything. I think everyone should spend at least one night without their mobile devices and reconnect with those around them. I really enjoyed getting to see that and feel more grounded than before.

My book and many candles that helped me get through the night
My book and many candles that helped me get through the night

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