Wk5 – Classmate Conversation – Jennifer Ramirez

This week I got to meet Jennifer Ramirez. She is a second year at CSULB studying Biochemistry. She hopes to continue to go to school and eventually get her Ph.D. She always knew that she wanted to be involved with science she just had to find the field she was interested in until she found Biochemistry. Her older sister majored in Biology at CSULA which had a certain amount of influence on her decision to pursue a degree in science. Originally she wanted to be a pharmacist but thought that would be too hard so she decided to pursue a career where she would work in the biotech field.

She grew up in Long Beach so it was an easy choice to make when she applied to college. She has a younger brother and an older sister who she spends time with. When she is not studying she enjoys relaxing and watching Netflix, or playing with her two dogs (Huskey and a Jack Russell). She has traveled to Mexico and if she could study abroad anywhere in the world it would be Ireland. She sees painting and drawing as a hobby, especially after her eight years of art classes. When I asked her what she was swimming in, her answer was school.

I really enjoyed meeting Jennifer!




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