Wk4 – Activity – Painting

This project was so much fun! I moved down to Long Beach two and a half years ago and Venice Beach was one of the last “touristy” places that I had to go visit. I was so excited to go and see it while doing my project! The atmosphere was amazing, there was art everywhere. All of the artists used different ways to express themselves and their feelings which was cool to see. There was even someone from Australia who was filming a music video and asked me and my friend, Sydney, to be in it. It was cool to talk to them and see how their trip was going and talk about some of the different pieces that were on the graffiti wall at the time. This was just an example of how art can bring different people together and create a bond.

When we made it to the graffiti wall it was a little intimidating. There was amazing art all over the different walls that I had a hard time believing that anyone could create with spray paint. Sydney and I had never used spray paint before, so when it came time to actually start writing our names we could not get the paint to come out. Luckily we saw another two other people painting their names on a wall near us, so we asked them for help. It turns out they were in my class too. (Thanks Tyler!) They were kind enough to teach us how to make the cans work and we both went back to enjoying our painting.

Before I started painting I felt a little bad because I had to spray over someone else’s art, but the more I thought about it the more I realized that it was okay. We all go there to express ourselves through our art and although not a lot of people see it, thats not what matters. What matters is that we were able to show ourselves that we are capable of creating something unique and use the creation as an escape from whatever we need.

Painting my name was not as hard as I thought it would be. I went back to my days in middle school and high school when I would write my name in bubble letters all over my notebooks while I listened to my teachers talk. Once I got the shape of each of the letters I was able to fill it in and make it look like my name, luckily my name is only three letters. I was amazed by how easy I found it to create each letter and that gave me hope that maybe one day I could be able to create one of the larger pieces on the wall. 

12047562_1190761370940348_838777957_n              12025353_1190761374273681_1890517140_n


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