Wk4 – Classmate Conversation – Kristal Torres

This week I got to meet Kristal Torres! She turned 19 in July. She is going into her second year at CSULB and is currently undeclared. Eventually she hopes to either become a kinesiology or health science major, and with these majors she hopes to eventually become a nurse. She hopes that eventually she can get into the nursing program here at CSULB. Kristal went to high school at Wilson High and played soccer while she was there; however, she stopped playing a year after graduating. She works at Baskin Robbins which I think is super cool because ice cream is my favorite! Working at Baskin Robbin’s has not hindered her love for ice cream. She has a twin sister that also goes to this school! Her sister took this class last semester which is what inspired Kristal to take the class.

When I asked her is art matters, she stated that art does matter. It’s for entertainment and enjoyment. Art is what people use to make themselves happy and Kristal believes life is about being happy.




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