Wk3 – Classmate Conversation – Rosanna Ramirez

My classmate conversation was with Rosanna Ramirez. Rosanna is a sophomore at CSULB who commutes everyday from Downey, CA. She is currently undeclared. She was interested in music production as a major; however, CSULB does not offer that major, so she is looking at majors in film or something similar to that.  She is excited to see what a major in the arts will bring her in her future. She has two sisters, one of which is her twin! Her twin is her best friend. They do everything together, Rosanna’s favorite things to do are travel, listen or play music, and hangout with her twin.

Rosanna loves art. She thinks that it is an amazing way to express anything and everything that you could be feeling. While walking around the galleries she was able to take everything in and get so much more out of the pieces then most people I would usually talk to. I could tell that she was more involved in are art really enjoyed the art pieces that were all around the galleries.

I enjoyed meeting Rosanna and I can’t wait to meet more interesting people in our art class. I’m excited to meet more people who enjoy art and have conversations about the amazing art we get to look at!

To learn more and see some of her awesome art check out her website: https://rosannaramirez.wordpress.com/



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