Wk3 – Artist Conversation – Nick Bamford

I walked through all four of the galleries and they all had incredible art; however, my favorite was what was in the Max L. Gatov Gallery East. In the gallery was the sculptures created by Nick Bamford https://instagram.com/nickbamf4d/. Nick Bamford is a senior at CSULB who is pursuing his degree in Art. This was his second show that he has put on recently, his previous show was of tree houses that were suspended. The show that he put on this week was one that was beyond impressive. All of the sculptures draw you in and tell their own stories.

There were pieces all around the gallery, all larger than a normal human being. Bamford did not name his pieces and instead just referred to the pieces as a generic name, such as “the Guitar Guy”. All of the pieces were made out of cement and stabilized clay with a mold that was made up of plaster and other random objects. Bamford would start by building an armature, and once the frame was made he began to frame it into an object. The sculptures textures were a combination of smooth and rough with different variations from one piece to another. This was a challenge for him because it was a material that he had not worked with.

He got the inspiration for each of his pieces from a certain gesture. Some of this sculptures he would start to make with a certain shape in mind; however, if it didn’t work he was not afraid to change it into something new. For example, one of his pieces was a large open hand that had a bike tire that he built around. Originally it was supposed to be an object riding a bike; however, when it did not go as planned Bamford changed the shape to something else. With some of the sculptures he covered the armature completely and others he would leave uncovered to leave the shape and meaning up to interpretation.

The entire time I walked through the gallery I was amazed with how someone was able to create such amazing pieces of art. Within every piece I was able to see the challenges that he faced and the process through which he created each of them. My favorite piece was the one with the bicycle wheel. I enjoyed this piece because Bamford explained how he had a different piece in mind when he began but he then changed it into a new direction when things did not go as planned. This stuck with me because I enjoy the idea that if things do not work out the way you want them to there is still the ability to change the way you were going and create something new. This is what I truly love about art, nothing is considered a mistake, but is instead just a change in the original plan.

The “guitar man” is based off an old painting called The Old Guitarist.

11998173_1186017958081356_2075968926_n (1)


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